Manufacturer & Exporter of Non Metallic Minerals

About Us

Sun Minerals incorporated in 2000 has in a short span achieved its status of leading nonmetallic minerals supplier due to its stringent quality control at all levels. Today the vision of its owner and joint effort of his team has all levels. Today the vision of its owner and joint effort of his team has enabled the group to capture not only domestic but also international market.

Aiming to provide best services - Sun Minerals has set up its state of art Research & Development Labs & has set up one of the best processing facilities in India.

The Mission & Vision

“To provide best quality of Non-Metallic Minerals & Customer Satisfaction.”

Sun Minerals aims to become one of the top calls Manufacturer & Exporter of Non Metallic Minerals in India providing best services to its customers across the globe.

Sun Minerals USP

USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Sun Minerals is the fact that different grades are available for various users, for e.g. especially prepared Potash Feldspar is available for frit manufacturers, sanitary ware manufacturers, tiles manufactures and insulator manufactures. Experience in supplying of these various industries has helped it to serve each of them individually according to their specific needs. There are very few companies who can distinguish the needs of different users and thus supply them the same grade.

Customer Satisfaction

Sun Minerals based in India believes in country’s ideology of “CUSTOMER IS GOD”. It has whole department dedicated to this led by the owner himself to cater the customer needs.

Minerals Deposits - @ Sun Minerals

Sun Minerals understands the need of consistency required in the industry. Therefore it procures the entire raw material needed from its own mines located at various places in Rajasthan. Mechanized and safe mining is the motto followed. Environment protection at the same time is given utmost priority.